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CaLabo TX

Computer Classroom Management Solution

for tablet

Digital Classroom Management System for Tablet PCs

CaLabo TX is CHIeru's latest classroom management system for Tablet PCs. It promotes active learning by enabling mutual communications and image sharing in real-time.aragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

All you need is Wi-Fi, Tablet PCs and CaLabo TX.

This classroom management system enables teachers to utilize the power of Tablet PCs. Accumulating the ideas on the each tablet screen, all the classroom members can share handwritten drawings, diagrams, annotations and notes without difficulty.

CaLabo TX can be used in a variety of educational settings - presentation in a traditional classroom style, flipped classroom model, or group work project. CaLabo TX helps transformation of digital learning environment with its user friendly interface which enables to increase students' engagement and participation to the class in a wide range of schools, from elementary school to higher educations.

How does CaLabo TX work as Classroom Management System?

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