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CaLabo LX

Computer Classroom Management Solution

The Most Highly Rated Digital Classroom Management System in Japan

CaLabo LX is software to support teacher and student activities in any type of PC lab, classroom or library. It provides a fully functional lab control program that teachers can use easily in their lab classrooms as a teaching tool.

With CaLabo LX, teachers can monitor all student screens and watch their activities. If students start playing games or browsing inappropriate websites, teachers can take immediate action to stop this adverse behavior. Control features include:

  • Restrict Student Internet browsing (Whitelist, blacklist specific sites or stop the Internet altogether)

  • Lock and Blackout student computers

  • Control a Student PC from the Teacher

  • Stop Internet Function

  • File Controls

  • Quiz and Survey

  • Recording Desktop

Simple and easy-to-use interface

CHIeru and advising teachers have researched and worked together to create a GUI design which works best for the classroom environment. The result was that every function that was designed into the layout is able to be executed in just one or a few steps and that on operation indicator helps to show what action can be taken next in the lesson.

AV and Multimedia control and broadcast

Teachers can easily control their classroom AV facilities and output devices as well as integrating and broadcasting live analog programs from VCRs, DVD players, audio tape players, etc. to any or all students.

Enjoy various features and benefits of the Digital Classroom Management System

Wifi LAN Support

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