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DBS Plus

Digital Broadcast teaching system

DBS Plus

DBS Plus, an innovative audio visual teaching broadcasting system, engages teachers and students in an interactive learning environment.

It enables WiFi-display (Smartphone & Tablet), dialogue, group discussion, student demonstration, on-line test, prompt feedback, grade, help, roll call, etc., involving your students motivated and focused even under non-PC based classrooms. You will never regret to get closer to DBS Plus, the latest inspirational education system.


Real-time video/audio/MIC interactive broadcasting and dialogue with high-quality performance Integrate multimedia devices (PC/NB/DVD/Digital Camera etc) and switch the source by control panel

Wireless Broadcasting and Bluetooth Dual Control

With brand-new touch panel and built-in bluetooth to support PC, laptop and tablet wireless broadcasting through iPhone / iPad / Tablet / Smart Phone / NB for teachers to easily present teaching materials with hand-held devices.

Client Record Control

Practice communication skills by oral recording

Quiz / Exam Edit on PowerPoint

Not only easy for teachers to edit teaching materials through Power Point but also provides lots of interesting Q and A modes for in-class activity

Assist students to evaluate their comprehension levels with paperless exam in Power Point format by editing single/multiple choices and true and false questions, or by inserting texts, video and audio files. Moreover, different exam types such as Competition, Interactive Modes, and Anonymous Exam efficiently involve learners in the lecture.

Answer Collection / Analysis

Collect answer and calculate score automatically 1920*1080 high resolution display.


Wi-Fi Broadcasting through mobile devices



Interactive Teaching 

  • Multimedia Sources - Support PC, NB and multimedia devices such as VCD, DVD player, document camera, etc.

  • Student Demonstration - Appointed student broadcast the audio & video to all/ partial students.

  • Darken - Darken all/partial student screens to make them concentrate on class.

  • Individual Instruction - Student can call for help to ask teacher’s individual guidance.

  • Exclude - Under teacher’s broadcasting, assigned student ID will be viewed as offline and be able to self control their PC.

  • Self Study - Students can choose to receive teacher’s broadcasting or self-study freely.

  • Roll Call - Online roll call.

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